Aha! Adventure - Churchill River, SK

Paddle through a succession of shimmering lakes, connected by short portages, rapids and waterfalls. Follow the path of early explorers and discover great camping, fall colours and fishing in the Canadian Shield. Come alive in the land of wind, water, rock and dancing northern lights! We will start our trip at the historic Stanley Mission and paddle to see Nistowiak Falls which is one of Saskatchewan’s highest and most beautiful waterfalls.

There will be a pre-trip meeting via Zoom.  You will be sent an email after you register about when this will occur.  At the pre-trip meeting, you will meet your group and we will discuss clothing selection, food planning, packing techniques, meals and travel logistics.

All of our extended canoe trips are "community catered".  All participants and guides take their turn providing and cooking breakfasts and suppers on the trips. Everyone looks after their own lunches. This is a fun way to share, try new meals and learn how to bake and cook in the backcountry. Guides will help at every meal and give you lots of assistance! 

Dates: Sept 18-26/2021

Cost: $1150

Prerequisites: No experience necessary.  Guides can teach you what you need to know on your trip. You should have an average fitness level.  


Sept 18: We will meet in La Ronge, SK where we will stay for the night at Nut Point Campground.  You can also stay at a hotel in La Ronge if you wish. Try and aim to be there by 6pm to meet the group for supper at a local restaurant.  


Sept 19: We will drive as a group in the van to the put-in at Stanley Mission (1 hour drive). You can drive on your own or you can have the option to come in the van. You will be required to wear a mask if you come in the van.  We will arrange parking at La Ronge or Stanley Mission (at your own risk).

Sept 19-25: Paddle the Churchill River system. We will start the trip off with a stop at the historic Stanley Mission to see Saskatchewan’s oldest church. Enjoy fishing, fall colours, northern lights and great camping.  We will canoe to see Nistowiak Falls and do a loop in the area for the week.  If it works, we will try to have one layover day in the schedule.


Sept 25:  We will take off the water in the afternoon and travel to Rosthern, SK.   You can stay for the night in Rosthern or you can choose to travel further.  There are camping or hotel options in Rosthern.


Sept 26: Finish your travel home. 


Transportation Details:

You will meet the group in La Ronge, SK.  From there you will have the option to join the group in the van to Stanley Mission or drive on your own to Stanley Mission (parking available – at your own risk).  You will be required to wear a mask if you come in the van.

What’s Included

  • All canoe gear (canoes, paddles, pfd's)

  • Safety equipment (throwbags, first aid kit, emergency communication)

  • Group camping gear (tarp, axe, saw, fire box, etc.)

  • Group cooking equipment (pots, stoves, utensils, fuel)

  • Experienced and qualified guides

Cancellation Policy:  $500 non-refundable deposit is required to register. Balance is due 30 days before the trip start date. No refund on or after this date. Deposit is refundable if Aha! Adventures needs to cancel the trip due to COVID regulations. If you personally need to cancel due to illness or other reasons, we highly recommend trip cancellation insurance (details below)

Medical Form and Waiver:

In order to participate in this trip, you are required to sign an Adult Waiver or Youth Informed Consent. You will also need to fill out the online medical form.

EMERGENCY EVACUATION AND TRIP CANCELLATION: In rare cases, if you have an emergency and need to be evacuated from the trip, you will be responsible for any extra charges.  The quickest way to get off a trip is via floatplane or helicopter and if we contact these companies directly for the quickest service, you will be responsible for the expense.  To ensure that there are no surprises, we recommend that you get evacuation insurance.  An evacuation could be very costly in remote locations, so we recommend that you are covered through your credit card or another plan.  One option available is Tugo Insurance.  You may also want to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance if for some reason (i.e. illness), you are unable to go on the trip.  

We are monitoring the COVID situation and how it may impact our trips.  As the situation and regulations change frequently, we will discuss this during the pre-trip Zoom meeting.  When you sign up for this trip, you are joining a trip cohort.  You should be aware that you will be spending an extended amount of time and meals with your trip cohort and the potential risks associated with that.  If you become ill or know you have been exposed to COVID before the trip begins, we ask that you stay at home (if cancellation is required at the last minute, you will need to have trip cancellation insurance).  We will do our best to provide and encourage sanitation practices during food preparation and around camp.