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Aha! Adventure Trips 2024


Aha! Adventure
Green River, Utah

April 26- May 5, 2024

Start the season with a warm trip down south in the canyons of the Green River in Utah.  This is a stunning river with red rock canyons and spectacular hiking. We have relaxed days with easy paddling and a couple of layover days are planned in the schedule for hiking and exploring.  A few of our stunning hikes will take you up bowknot bend, 5 window arch on the rim of the canyon and up the long winding trin-alcove Canyon. 


Aha! Adventure
Milk River, AB

May 29- June 2, 2024

Enjoy 5 days of paddling through vast, rolling grasslands and unique semi-desert landscapes as you make our way from Del Bonita to Writing on Stone Provincial Park. This southern Alberta River has intimate sandstone canyons, hoodoos and many small rapids and rocks to maneuver around. It is a great river to develop your canoe and tripping skills. 


Aha! Adventure 
River, SK
June 21-24, 2024

This is the perfect early season adventure ideal for those new to tripping or would like to get a kick start on the canoe tripping season. This river starts in the lake but soon you are enjoying lots of fun small, technical rapids which is great for learning introductory whitewater skills with a loaded boat.  You can take this trip as an early season refresher to get ready for the season or paddle it in a solo boat. We will focus on learning skills while we are having fun.


Aha! Adventure
Clearwater River, SK/AB

June 27-July 9, 2024

Join us on one of Canada’s heritage rivers which was made famous with the fur trade and early explorers.  The river journey will include spectacular canyons, scenic waterfalls, numerous portages, boulder-strewn rapids and scenic wilderness campsites. We will hike a portion of the Methye portage which was the fur trade link from the Churchill system to the Athabasca. Smoothrock gorge, skull canyon and Whitemud falls are explored on the route and we hope fresh fish will be on the menu! 


Aha! Adventure
Couples Trip, Waterhen River, SK

July 12-15, 2024

Head out for your next adventure and explore with us while at the same time, taking time to strengthen and renew your relationship as you spend time in nature. The Waterhen trip starts with learning the basics of canoeing on the lake and then we move to the river and build your skills working together. Spend the day on the water, and at night discover ways to build connection and draw closer to each other with counsellors Wendy and Dwight.


Aha! Adventure
Waterfound/ Fond du Lac River, SK

Aug 17-Sept 2, 2024

We will start on the fun, smaller Waterfound river that flows into the Fond du Lac River. For the duration of the Waterfound, we will enjoy clear water, fun rapids, only 1 portage and excellent fishing for grayling! Once we join the Fond du lac, the volume increases and the rapids will change to limestone cliffs, more ledge rapids and beautiful waterfalls. Both rivers are known for their incredible camping and eskers. We will experience a lot of variety with different types of rapids, rocks, sand and slower sections with the pool/ drop nature of the river.


Aha! Adventure
Reindeer Lake, SK
Sept 7-15, 2024

It has been said that the Reindeer Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world! (22nd largest freshwater lake in the world) It is huge and we will only explore a small part of it in our fall trip. It has so many islands, sandy beaches and rocky outcrops to explore. Our plan is to start from Southend and paddle to Deep Bay.  The bay was formed from a meteorite crater. From there we will explore many beautiful bays, islands and channels.  The fishing will also be amazing in the fall and we will have a few base camps to explore from.


Aha! Adventure
Kootenay River, BC
Turkey in the Woods!
Oct 4-6, 2024

This is the perfect way to end the canoe season with a “turkey in the woods” on the Kootenay.  The Kootenay’s water is beautiful and clear in the fall and we may even see Kokanee salmon in the depths. The mountain scenery, rapids and white canyon walls makes this trip a classic that you could paddle every year.  Join us on this fantastic trip to wrap up the season.

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